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School exchange – The Exchange programme

The School Exchange Programme is the best way for students to benefit from an international partnership, increasing their awareness of other cultures and breaking down the barriers of language.

The participants will have the opportunity to attend schools in other countries as well as hosting their exchange peer at home. This means, besides the improvement in another language, the development of habits of tolerance and mutual understanding.

The students will also meet countless people in the local communities throughout their stay, making new friends and thereby promoting personal growth and development.

In addition, the host school provides a place where students can share and learn from each other. Strong ties are often created between the family and the student; in fact, many of them remain in touch for the rest of their lives.

Why study Spanish?

Today, Spanish is the third most commonly spoken language after Chinese and English.

Spanish is the official language of around twenty countries and the mother tongue of over 400 million people.

Spanish is the second language of international communication, and is being increasingly used in economic, political and cultural relations.

The number of those studying Spanish throughout the world is growing every year.

Spanish is a language of extraordinary cultural prestige.

All our schools are accredited by the regulator bodies of their respective countries, ensuring the highest quality in education.

Acreditaciones  - British Council, English UK, Feltom, Acels