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Spanish courses - Terms and conditions | Language Opportunity Spanish courses – Terms and conditions : Language Opportunity

Spanish courses – Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the bookings made with Language Opportunity.

1. ACCEPTANCE OF THE GENERAL CONDITIONS The Conditions shall apply to all programmes offered by Language Opportunity and bind the parties together with the conditions to be agreed in the contract, and that could be established for each programme.

2. REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT TERMS To book your place you must correctly fill in the booking form through our website: www.languageopportunity.co.uk Once submitted the form you will receive a confirmation of the start of processing. This will be formalised after the transfer of £200 / €200 deposit via bank transfer within 72 hours. If payment has not been made within this period the reservation will be cancelled. The £200 / €200  paid will be deducted from the final total amount. Upon receipt of payment you will receive booking confirmation (within a few days). Without payment of this sum, Language Opportunity is not obliged to provide any customer service. The remaining amount must be paid no later than four weeks before the scheduled arrival date. Otherwise, we may cancel your reservation and apply the cancellation fee. See 4. Cancellations below. Upon receipt of the total reservation payment, you will be provided the rest of the documentation required, including: name and address of the accommodation, school and course.

3. RESERVATION CHANGE Make sure when booking that the information provided are completed and correct  (date, type of accommodation and course, etc.), because once the booking is confirmed any subsequent changes will involve some administrative costs. If you let us know 45 days before the amount is charge is 45 Euros/GBP. Should be between 45 and 30 days it will be 90 Euros/GBP. Within less than 30 days notice and if not possible rebooking will apply the terms of cancellation. See point 4. Cancellations

4. CANCELLATIONS A contract with Language Opportunity may be cancelled at any time in writing either by email or through the post. It should record the date of cancellation. The booking will be cancelled once you receive a confirmation of cancellation. Language Opportunity will not compensate clients for outstanding contracted services once the contract has been cancelled by the client. The cancellation will result in charges (including fees relating to the management of the course and accommodation). Charges vary depending on the date on which such cancellation is made (relative to the arrival date):

  • Before 30 days: will apply the minimum expenditure Administration Fee will be applied. This is the £200 / €200 paid on registration.
  • Between 30 and 15 days: Administration Fee (deposit) plus 10% of the total reservation.
  • Between 14 days and 6 days: Administration fee (deposit) plus 25% of the total reservation.
  • No cancellations can be made within the last 5 days before his arrival.

Therefore, once you have confirmed your place, any cancellation results in a minimum cancellation fee of £200 / €200 (that is, the initial deposit or Administration fee). * Au pairs, please note: in the case that there is not family interested in your profile, you will be refunded the total amount paid so far. Cancellation for any other reason results in the initial deposit amount being used as an Administrative fee (see above). Once the programme has started, it is not possible receive any refund. In case of force majeure Language Opportunity reserves the right to change or cancel the reservation, doing everything possible to find the best solution for the customer.

5. INSURANCE Language Opportunity offers travel insurance coverage to students (medical expenses, personal accident, repatriation, liability, etc.). Language Opportunity is not responsible in case of illness, accident, loss, theft, damage to persons or objects and other risks that could lead his stay abroad, such as medical or academic expenses.

6. PAYMENT Bank transfer will make the reservation. The account number will be provided along with the initial confirmation received after completing the registration form.

7. AUTHORISATION Students under 18 must provide a travel authorisation from parents or legal guardians. If the client needs medical treatment and parent or legal guardian of underage persons cannot be located, Language Opportunity shall be authorised to respond in a timely manner. Parents or guardians of students under 18 must accept that Language Opportunity and families or schools shall not be liable for the damage caused by students, so that parents and students accept the laws and standards of conduct of the destination country.

8. DOCUMENTATION The customers are responsible for processing and have in place all necessary documentation (ID, passport, etc.) as well as visa if required.

9. CURRENCY EXCHANGE In case of an extreme change in the currency exchange, Language Opportunity will have the right to change prices of booking, keeping the price of those already paid. Language Opportunity cannot make currency exchanges or offer any loans.

10. STAY ABROAD The customer will have to adapt to the laws, rules, and behaviour of both the host family and the country of destination. The customer is not entitled to a refund if once the programme starts they (or parents or guardians) decide to leave it voluntarily. A request for a change of family will not be allowed or considered if made for discrimination reasons. Language Opportunity could make changes of family by written requests from customers provided that it has allowed for a study of the problem.

11. COMPLAINTS AND CLAIMS Any complaint must be presented during the stay in order to provide the best and most convenient solution for the customer. Serious indiscipline could lead to expulsion from the academy, accommodation and therefore the programme reserved, which would mean the cancellation of the reservation without refund of payments made. The customer will have to pay for all damages caused to third parties. Under circumstances of extreme necessity Language Opportunity reserves the right to modify the schedule of classes, schools, activities or accommodation as long as the general contract is maintained.

12. PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA Language Opportunity informs you that your personal information will be retained, in line with these general conditions, for commercial purposes and will be incorporated into a file for which Language Opportunity is responsible. The acceptance of these terms and conditions amounts to your consent for us to carry out such treatment for use consistent with those purposes. You should also be advised of the possibility of exercising your rights of access, rectification and cancellation in the terms of the legislation by notifying our organisation.

13. ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS Accepting the terms and conditions as a step towards formalizing the reservation, the client and their parent or guardian if a minor, indicate they have been properly informed by Language Opportunity conditions of the services booked.  

LANGUAGE OPPORTUNITY LTD. Registered in England and Wales. Company No. 08085152 1 Westferry Circus Canary Wharf E14 4HD, London, UK