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Au pairs families - Terms and conditions | Language Opportunity Au pairs families – Terms and conditions : Language Opportunity

Au pairs families – Terms and conditions



1.1 Language Opportunity (hereinafter “the Agency” or “Language Opportunity”) only acts as an intermediary to connect host families and au pairs. The Agency does not employ the au pairs; rather, it is the host families who do so.

1.2 The responsibility for the final decision and the agreement with an au pair rests with the host family. We urge you to carefully review the profile and all documents of the candidates.

1.3 The rights and obligations of the au pair and host family will be reflected in a written agreement between both parties to be concluded in the form of a “Letter of Invitation / Agreement to the Au Pair.”

1.4 Language Opportunity reserves the right to revise and amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without specifying reasons. You should visit our website periodically to review the current Terms and Conditions because they are binding and may have changed since the first time you contacted the Agency.

1.5 Our bilingual team offers a personalized service, helping you with every step of the way of choosing an au pair.

1.6 We are available during the stay of the au pair to help both parties at any time.

1.7 We have an emergency contact number where both au pair and host family may contact.

1.8 The first months of the placement shall be a probationary period and your placement may be terminated during this period at any time on two weeks prior notice. During this probationary period both performance and suitability for continued placement will be monitored. Should any problems arise between the parties, the Agency will provide to the family with a new au pair free of charge, but always subject to our discretion and based on other articles of these Terms and Conditions.


2.1 The rates are generated only for the provision of intermediary services between the host families and au pair candidates, either directly or through our partner agencies.

2.2 The Agency reserves the right to remove from the Au Pair Programme those customers who fail to pay the fees.

2.3 If a host family cannot pick up the au pair in the place of arrival in their country, they are responsible for travel expenses of the au pair from there until the family house.

2.4 Fees:

Short stays (up to 3 months): £195

Summer Au Pair: £225

Average stays (from 3 to 6 months): £250

Long term stays (more than 6 months): £325


Au Pair Standard

Usually spend around 25 hours a week and can perform two nights a week babysitting. She/he has two days off a week, which are usually on weekends. Pocket money will depend on the host country, but will be around £70 per week.

Au Pair Plus

Depending on the needs of the family, the au pair can work between 30 and 40 hours per week and babysit two nights a week. She/he has two days off a week and pocket money is normally between £90 and £110 weekly.

Mother Help

The au pair may work up to ten hours a day. Pocket money is between £130 and £200 per week.

Summer Au Pair

These are short stays during the summer. Children do not go to school during this period so families often need the help of an au pair. These au pairs can be either Au Pair Standard or Au Pair Plus.


4.1 The probationary period is two weeks from the arrival of the au pair for stays of less than six months and four weeks for longer stays (more than six months).

4.2 The host family must participate actively on the training and support of the au pair and provide a reasonable opportunity to improve their language skills and help with the childcare and housework.

4.3 The notice may be given to the au pair only before the trial period ends and on account of any inconsistency or incompetence by their au pair, following discussion with the Agency and subject to our consent. The two parties must notify the Agency in writing of the reasons for giving notice. The Agency will then make the decision after considering the best possible outcome for both parties.

4.4 Once the au pair has been informed of the notice, the au pair should continue living with the host family, performing their normal duties and receiving their pocket money until the last day of the stay. Under no circumstances, except illegal or serious actions, may the host family make the au pair leave the house without giving adequate notice.

4.5 Both parties shall notify in writing that they want to end the programme. The notice period shall not be less than two weeks.

4.6 After the trial period, if host family or au pair decide a new placement this would entail the payment of the usual fee.


5.1 Once the au pair placement has been accepted and agreed, the host family shall have a period of seven (7) days to send the letter of invitation and provide details of the trip to the au pair. The family will have three days to make the payment for the programme.

Once this reservation period ends, the programme may be subject to cancellation without refund of any amount paid.


6.1 If the au pair decides not to travel to the host family house once it is already accepted, Language Opportunity will attempt to place another au pair free of charge. If it is not possible to offer an au pair with similar profile before the deadline, the full amount will be refunded, excluding 75 Euros/ 75 GBP taken as an administration fee.

6.2 No refunds or substitutions will apply for the positions of Summer Au Pair or Au Pairs stays of three months or less.

6.3 The host family is not entitled to reimbursement if, being able to receive a new au pair, should choose not to receive the replacement au pair and finalise the agreement.

6.4 The family will receive a refund of 50% of the fee paid if they terminate the programme after sending the letter of invitation to the au pair and only when the au pair has not completed or paid for anything related to the trip.

6.5 The family will receive no refund unless it complies with the conditions stated in the previous paragraph (6.4) or the au pair has had costs for the journey.

6.6 The family will receive no refund if the au pair decides to end the placement, including during the probationary period, for the following reasons:

– If the au pair has had to perform or has been ordered to carry out tasks that were not specified in the information provided by the family to Language Opportunity

– If the au pair complains of abuse or misconduct by any member of the family

– If the family terminates the programme without cause.


7.1 The agreement with Language Opportunity ends automatically after passing the probationary period.

7. 2 Language Opportunity may end the agreement in the following cases:

– If the family fail to make the payments required or does not send the Letter of Invitation in the given period.

– If we believe that the family has abused or not complied with the code of conduct or agreements of the au pair programme.

– If we believe that the family has provided false or inadequate information.

– If the family does not comply with all Terms and Conditions set by Language Opportunity

7.3 The family may terminate the agreement at any time, always if it is provided in writing. When it has been communicated after acceptance of the placement of the au pair, the fees paid will not be refunded, unless specific case announced in the terms and conditions.


By registering as a host family for the au pair programme, families understand and accept that the information and documentation provided to Language Opportunity will be shared with third parties in order to proceed with the placement.


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